Friday, December 13, 2013

Downtown could add a new marquee fixture to the skyline...

The Shipyards in Jacksonville have been an off and on again gateway to growth for Downtown Jacksonville.  Numerous times projects have started with great intentions and the promise to bring Downtown back to the days of past where people came from all parts of the Great City to shop, dine, and hang out.  Each time for one reason or another the project has hit a snag and failed.  Another group led by Mark Farrell who is looking for support and funding from the Fire and Police Pension funds is shooting to develop a 100o+ foot tower with a new and improved convention center and shopping area.  I like the idea and think it really could spur economic and positive growth downtown.  It would be taller than the Seattle Space and all other structures currently down town by some 400 feet.  Let's hope before real dollars are spend on the proposed Billion dollar budget that the plan is sound and the completion and benefits are real. 
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Shipyards Project

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