Friday, August 3, 2018

Don't be scammed!! JEA scam

Scammers are targeting utility customers across the country, including JEA residential and business customers. Recently customers have contacted us to report a higher number of scam phone calls from people claiming to be JEA employees.
They’ll ask you to go to a store, buy a prepaid card and call them back with the card information and PIN number. The call may even appear to be coming from JEA.
Please know that no JEA employee will ever call you and ask for a payment over the phone.
Don’t do it! When in doubt, call JEA’s Business Support Center at (904) 665-6250. If the scam caller provided you a number to call back with payment information, please write it down and provide it to our Customer Care staff. This can help us locate and shut down the number.

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