Monday, November 27, 2017

Tech Gift Ideas from Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal has provided some ideas for technology gift giving that don't break the budget and are sure to be useful for any recipient.  You may even be able to find them less expensively.  As they say on CNBC about smartphones:  Always Be Charging. 

1. Anker Powerport Elite II $11—Two USB ports 
2. Power cords, because at some point in time, cords fail.
3. Anker Mini Battery $15
4. Password manager service: $40 for annual subscription for Dashlane or 1Password manager
5. Best Buy’s $20 Vehicle Mount to put your phone in view while driving 
6.  Storage: $50 Apple or  Google Play gift card to pay for Icloud and Googledrive storage    
7. Netgear Orbi $300 -- Fixes wifi dead zones. Comes with router and one satellite

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