Monday, August 7, 2017

Big Golf Clubs Can Equal Big Revenue

Golf Inc., a publication for golf owners and management companies, recently published an article by Katie Thisdale that counters the claim by many that golf is on the downswing. In fact, there are many mega clubs with revenue from$20 to $60 million annually.  

Using publicly available documents and reviewing the tax returns of more than 150 non-profit clubs in golf, they seem to show that the bigger the club is, the better. Most of the mega-clubs, according to their findings, are in metro areas or second home communities. In addition, they are not golf only facilities.  They have plenty of amenities to keep everyone happy. 

According to their findings, there is no one right way to get to success.  Some clubs charge high dues and others have many members at lower dues rates.  Four clubs had revenue of more than $40 million:  Boca West in Boca Raton, FL-- $66 million, Desert Mountain, Scottsdale, AZ -- $63 million, The Olympic Club in San Francisco $54 million, and The Country Club of Virginia in Richmond, VA --$41 million.  

At least 100 clubs had revenue of more than $15 million.

- Kathy Bissell

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