Friday, November 29, 2013


Water quality and quantity are rapidly becoming a major problem in Florida. The state's forestry industry, partly represented by the Florida Forestry Association (FFA), watches the BMPs (Best Management Practices) of timber owners and encourages methods beneficial to good water. Close to half of Florida is wood lands. See the following article from the news letter of the Association. 

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Protection of water quality and quantity during forestry operations is a very important aspect of natural resource management in Florida. The Florida Forest Service (FFS) has demonstrated that when silviculture Best Management Practices (BMPs) are implemented, the state’s water resources are well protected. In addition, protecting water resources remains a high priority for loggers, foresters, land managers, and silviculture contractors.

To date, the FFS has conducted 15 surveys with a state-wide average of 94% compliance. In other words, the BMPs designated to protect Florida’s water resources have been applied to more than 9 out of every 10 sites where forestry practices, such as harvesting and planting, have been conducted for the past 31 years. The survey relies heavily on voluntary private land owner participation that benefits all Floridians by providing a continued commitment to natural resource stewardship.

The 16th survey is now underway and will conclude in December 2013. Survey sites are randomly selected from aerial observations. Once site candidates are located and property owners determined, the BMP forester for the area will contact the landowner to solicit his or her voluntary participation. The survey provides a great opportunity for many landowners to assist and show their dedication to the protection of water quality during forestry activities near streams, lakes, and rivers. Today, we all make a difference in tomorrow’s environment.

For more information contact the BMP forester nearest you:
Roy Lima at (850) 681-5942 or Robin Holland at (352) 732-1273

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