Monday, October 28, 2013

Prepare Your Commercial Property for Sale or Lease

   The presentation of a property can have an enormous effect on bringing clients a buyer or tenant. Some principals used in staging a residential property can also be applied to commercial properties. Most buyers or tenants prefer property to be "move in" ready. Here are some commonsense suggestions from CBC to help prepare your commercial property for sale or lease.
   Landscaping - Make sure the bushes are trimmed, the weeds are pulled and the grass looks healthy. Pick up trash and litter. It doesn't take a lot of money to spruce up the landscaping.
   Parking/Driveway - If it's worn and the lines are faded, consider resealing and repainting. Remove any obstructions.
   Building Exterior - Power wash the building for a fresh look. Don't forget to clean the windows. Cover any graffiti.
   Windows - Speaking of windows, replace any broken or cracked glass.
   Roof - This may be the single most important exterior aspect of the building. Replace broken or missing tiles. Repair flashing as necessary. If the roof needs work, consider having it done prior to putting the property on the market.

   Paint - A fresh coat of paint can drastically increase the presentation of your property. Simple, neutral colors are your best bet. Don't over think any color scheme, the new owners/tenants will probably have their own color ideas. Keep it simple.
   Windows - Clean/replace or remove the blinds. Clean the interior of the windows. If there's a nice view from the windows, don't obstruct it with closed blinds or book shelves etc.
   Flooring - Inspect the carpet for wear, tears and stains. Replace as necessary. Check tiles for cracks or wear and repair or replace as necessary.
   Clean - A clean property reflects a level of care and concern for the building/property.
   Remove Clutter - Less is best. Remove excess furniture. Too much furniture or office fixtures make the room look small. Removing excess furniture opens floor space.
   Lighting - Spend some money on new light fixtures. Replace burnt out bulbs, repair exit signs.
   Perhaps following these few commonsense guidelines provided by CBC will help your sellers realize there are a few simple and effective actions they can take to make their property more marketable.  



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